Edgebander Glues

The glue companies we work with 




Riepe for edgbander fluids including release agent, lubricants, anti static and detergents 

An important part of any edgebander operation is the glue, and more importantly, the quality of it. I high quality glue will be easier to apply, give better results and contrubute to the life of the glue station

Edgebander Glues and Fluids

Jowat Adhesives
Riepe Woodworking spray painting


Riepe® GmbH & Co KG in Buende, develop and produce electronically controlled spraying systems for the woodworking industry together with the relevant chemical products.

Prior to the introduction of our systems residues e.g. glue residue on the workpiece, had to be removed manually costing time and effort. The Riepe® spraying systems together with the chemical products deliver the workpiece from the edge and wood processing machines in finish quality, directly to dispatch. Post processing is no longer required